Character concept AND 3D production for this TOUS campaign.

Creative by

Produced by  CANADA

Directed by MANSON.

Sound by GROTTO.


Inspired by each of the stones inserted in the jewel, symbolizing the seven types of corporal “chakras”, these 7 bears blasted a turbo-animated journey through Barcelona, the city of origin of the famous brand.

The teddy bears mutated many times until they reached the imaginative ultimate look. From sketches all the way to the final texture on the 3D model. I explored some of the many oportunities TOUS bear iconic shape could bring.

Afterward, Tous decided to give more life to these personalities and for this, they made a collection of jewellery and merchandising (with tote bags, T-shirts, bags…), all available on its website.

Tous wanted to innovate in its positioning strategy and bet on having a presence at music festivals. To do so the 7 bears of the campaign were turned into a music band o_O!